Thursday, June 13, 2013

CoinGeneration Review

Digital Generation/Coin Generation:
Located, 555 California Street, Suite 4925, San Francisco CA 94104 U.S.A.
Is A International Investment Opportunity, and is so far the best online investing opportunity in the world! 

How profitable can this Investment be? The size of your Daily Profit Income will be directly proportional to the time that our app was running on your computer during the previous month. Simply saying that, the more Threads you have invested in, the higher your income.

Once you join -> CoinGeneration <- and download the app you will automatically start earning daily profits, as long as you keep your computer running the minimum award is $1 per day ($30 per month)! 

You have to leave the app running on your computer, it has no effect on performance of your computer at all. Your Potential Daily Earnings are unlimited and directly up to you! The more Threads you Invest in, the more money you will make!

Coin Generation is not only one of the best online investing programs, but adds one of the most lucrative if not "The most powerful referral program's, that trumps any profit sharing or investment Opportunity in the world!"

Refer as many as you want and get overrides on 2 levels! 
Earn 20% on your personal referrals, and 
Earn 10% on your 2nd level (referrals from your personal referrals).

Withdraw Daily: AlertPay/Payza, Perfect Money, or Bank
Paypal will be available soon!

This is my experience with CoinGeneration so far.

What's this application essentially? It’s a program which you run on your computer to generate money by allowing some of your unused CPU to be used via a 'Thread' (CPU). I found it not to use that much of my cpu resources. I could easy use my pc while it was running. And you need to have access to the internet.

After you register here you start with what they call a trial thread and you can make a maximum of $1 a day assuming you leave the program running for 24. You can also buy threads to make more than $1 a day. When you purchase threads you can run the program on multiple computers.

It also seems that some countries can’t register for a trial thread because CoinGeneration has quota limit for trial threads. So check out if you can register for at least 1 thread to try the program. Only one free trial thread per IP.

When you run the program you also have to make sure the token shown under profile on the site is the same as what is shown under 'Account' in the program. If not, copy the shown token under profile on the site into the old token area on the program and click 'Save Token'.

You also should not run the program on more than one computer. It seems that the computer that ran the app for the least amount of hours is the one that counts the hours. You don’t get the hours for both computers. I'm not sure if this is the case if you use different accounts for different PCs and with different IP’s, etc.

Support wise it seems they don’t have a forum, only a facebook page here: But they do have a chat system if you have any questions. 

Payment wise in order to withdraw money, you have to get your account verified using your phone or by buying a thread. You have to setup a Paxum account, a Perfect Money or a Payza account in your profile. You can also add a Plastic card (or bank) account. I wouldn’t setup my bank account yet until the program proves itself to be trustworthy. It also seems they will be adding a Paypal option in the next couple of weeks.

All in all it seems legit.

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to provide some notes of your own on the program.

Important: Trial Thread goes for 1 month, the Threads you buy goes for a year!

Also try this eBookIt's highly recommended the use of this eBook, I've tried some of the methods there and they work, but as I say, your time, your effort, your money!